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With a donation to Reforest Our Future, you will help us share knowledge about trees and forests, inspire a new way of living with nature, and work with communities to restore degraded landscapes around the world. Thank you for believing in people and the planet!

Reforest Our Future is in the process of obtaining our 501(c)3 nonprofit status. A donation you make today is not yet tax deductible.

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At Reforest Our future, we are committed to reforestation every day. Are you ready to commit with us? Becoming a Commit 360 donor can be your way of saying, “A world with more trees is a better world to live in.” It’s your way of making a daily commitment to regenerating forests and generating a new culture of how we care for the planet.

With your commitment of as little as $1 per day, more trees get planted, more forests may grow, and more people can experience the beauty of living with more trees in their lives.

Business Commit 360

Business owners who Commit 360 will receive a listing on our website and a decal to let their customers know about their commitment to the environment.

Commit 360

Individual Commit 360

Individuals who Commit 360 will receive a set of original photos on postcards. Re-gift them to friends and family to show you love them and you love trees too!

Commit 360

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