Our Future Gets Brighter With Every Tree We Plant


Reforest Our Future is dedicated to

Philippines man planting tree


We bring people together to increase tree canopy, restore native biodiversity, and improve climate resiliency. Reforestation not only restores the integrity of life on this planet, it also restores the human spirit.

Philippine Man planting


We disseminate knowledge about trees and forests through in-person activities and online resources. Through education, we inspire people to join the global reforestation movement and empower them to take action.

Children planting tree


We provide a springboard for people like you who want to join the effort to reforest our future by supporting you with tools for organizing and leading tree planting and other tree-related activities in your community.

Jeff Karwaoski

“Our goal is to inspire people to plant, grow, and nurture trees as a daily way of life. It is our strong desire to not only restore the great many places that need it, but to also motivate people to restore their hearts and souls for a better planet.”

– Founder, Jeffrey Karwoski



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