Pods Penn State, June 11, 2024

Join the Pod

Wednesday, June 11, 2024 | 7 P.M.

Penn State Beaver, Ross Administration Building, Room103

Snacks Provided!

Pods is our way of bringing people together to learn about trees and discover ways to improve the environment right here in Beaver County. It’s the first program of its kind and it relies on you! Pods will meet the third Wednesday of each month at Penn State or at one of Beaver Counties parks, where our group will do plenty of tree-related activities including learning how to identify trees, develop planting sites, build arboretums and how to form shade tree committees that serve to protect our canopy and replenish the forest around us.

If you are interested in trees and the urban forest, Pods is a great way to explore that interest and become active in restoring the local environment. We’ll see you at Pods where you can find out what you can do for your community and the planet.

Ages: Teens through Adults

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